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Let's Create a Program to Address your Infection Prevention Challenges


Infection Prevention


The #1 Solution to eradicate COVID-19 and stop the spread of this deadly virus. The UVD Robot not only kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi from all surfaces, but it also completely sanitizes the air.


The UVD Robot is the world's first, fully autonomous Ultraviolet Light Disinfection Robot to substantially reduce healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs). 

The UVD Robot is safe, reliable, and provides significant labor savings, operational costs, and increased efficiencies. The UVD Robot is user friendly and easy to integrate into cleaning staff daily workflows.



of all bacteria, viruses, and fungi

Disinfects in

10 mins.

regular 25 m2 patient

room, which includes a toilet


IP Program is partnered with the best in the industry to bring you the most impressive portfolio of products available.

We look forward to creating a program that addresses your challenges with one or more of our IP Program Solutions.


Florida Governor, Ron DeSantis, sanitizing his footwear with the Pathogen3 Solution.


What People Are Saying

"For me, UVD Robots are amazing and should be one of the seven cleaning wonders of the world. The UVD Robot will revolutionize preventative cleaning within a healthcare setting. We’ve just not had any similar piece of equipment that has so much flexibility to go and decontaminate such large areas"


Paul Clarke,

Head of Estates & Facilities Management Services,

Betsi Cadwaladr University Local Health Board 

Want To Find Out More?

Hospital Acquired Infections are a significant and increasing problem in the global healthcare sector. Each year millions of patients are infected and thousands of patients die due to infections acquired during hospitalization. Furthermore, HAIs generate a massive financial burden. 

IP Program's primary mission is to create an environment in which if patients can get better, they will. Let's talk more about how our solutions can create that very environment.

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