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Why Choose IP Program


We are the first company to ever launch an autonomous robot for health care facilities in the United States. With cutting edge technology and a portfolio of the absolute best products available, IP Program is second to none - and we're quite proud of this accomplishment.


We have been in this industry for 15 years. We are not a quick-fix solution for the current climate of viruses, and we did not jump on the sanitation bandwagon simply to fulfill a need. We have believed in and backed these products for over twelve years - long before there was the kind of need that there is today.


IP Program's products offer longterm healthcare solutions, and we always have.


Our goal at IP Program is to create an environment in which if patients can get better, they will get better. 


Our team approach to providing solutions for your business means creating, developing, and implementing your IP strategy with continuous maintenance and follow up to ensure the highest quality results and customer service. 

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